We have appetite for the most complex AI and Big Data challenges.

So we eat them. And we do it in the most cost-effective manner.

On-demand delivery

On-demand delivery

Whether you're building a new product or applying ML/BD to an existing one - we have the needed expertise to make this happen. You don't have to commit large portions of capital from your CAPEX. By co-sourcing with BrainForest, you can operate more effectively and utilize your OPEX to realize your AI/Big Data projects.

The expertise that you need, when you need it

The expertise that you need, when you need it

Our experts can help with data modeling and analysis (using R or Python), relationship mining and solve data quality, clustering and dimensionality problems.

Co-sourcing / co-development model

Co-sourcing / co-development model

Build your data models faster and more reliably with our experts. We don't just work in an opaque project-based model (although we can). We will provide you the experts that will co-work with your experts to ensure that the know-how and expertise remain in your possession.

We do co-development - to better fit your needs!

Co-development is a process that assimilates experts and solutions into existing projects. We operate in two modes:

1. Agency mode: Our experts are assigned to work with you and solve your challenges. They could become part of your team, or function as shadow experts, supporting your engineers and complementing their work in places where they lack specific expertise. You will have full control at any point in time.

2. Consulting mode: Our team will solve your problem, end-to-end, while employing your best-practices, processes and methods to ensure smooth and streamlined transition. The team will be self-managed and focus solely on solving your problem.

Either way, our specialists will adapt to your processes and development methodologies. We have a strict review and rating system - to ensure that we always improve.

Co-development enables our customers to get a genuine extension to their core teams. You will benefit from better utilization of your existing resources, keep your costs low, overcome shortage in skill-sets and expertise -- without the need to take additional risks or to change any of your current processes.

We're different from other development agencies

We're a boutique development business that is aiming to solve our customers' toughest challenges in AI using co-development practices.

We solve problems
We're not an offshore/outsource/outstaffing business. We're all about solving tough software challenges. Anything that requires expertise and talent.
We excel
We only pick the top 5% in the areas that we operate in.
We specialize
We focus, so we can find and retain the best possible talent in AI (machine learning, deep learning, NLP, computer vision) and big data.
We understand YOU
As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know your concerns, challenges and needs. Ask us about our Guaranteed Satisfaction policy.


There are so many outsource companies. Why should I choose you?

There are several reasons to do so, especially since we have unique talent that we carefully choose to solve the toughest problems in our focus areas: AI, Gaming, AR/VR. However, there is one reason which isn’t among those reasons: price. Not because we’re not competitive. We certainly are (check us out). However, we invest in our talent. We thrive for quality and value. Competing over price would be a race to the bottom – which is bad for all parties, especially our customers.

If this is co-development, does it mean that I become the employer?

No. If you choose the Agency mode, our specialists will work with you and your team – as members of the project. But you will have no contractual (or other) binding agreements and there will be no employer-employee relationships.

I heard many horror stories about outsourcing: late delivery, low quality and reliability problems. If we work together, how can I ensure that this won’t happen?

We’ve put in place several measures and mechanisms that will ensure satisfaction. Our compensation is directly associated with the value we bring to our customers. So we put our money where are mouth is and we’re working on an Escrow program with a milestone-based fund release process.

How do you ensure a high level of service?

We don’t take anything for granted. We screen our employees based on their expertise but also their ability to interact, serve and work with our customers in an effective way. In addition, we train our experts to keep them up-to-date and understand the various aspects of their role (beyond the mere technical expertise).